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Our Story

RIINE is a social impact consulting firm, partnering with pioneers and leaders across social, private and public sector, helping them solve their challenges & capture opportunities, to create positive lasting social impact & shape a better world. We primarily use technology and digital solutions to help deliver better health and other development outcomes and scale impact


We work with social enterprises & mission focussed businesses to develop digital tools and applications, craft strategies & build unique partnerships & through our ecosystem solutions we help address challenges across capital, capacity & technology to help you scale faster

what we do

we combine social impact expertise with technology & digital transformation abilities to help you create, communicate, measure & scale social impact, faster.

positive lasting social impact, faster

Our Purpose

One Focus

unlocking the potential of those who serve the underserved & address the world’s most pressing development challenges. 

New Insights

and perspectives to build future proof solutions

hold all strong opinions weakly

​speed is a competitive advantage when it comes to social impact, and move with a sense of urgency

simplifying complexity

discovering possibilities and unravelling solutions from within complex and sometimes broken systems.

ecosystem growth

we grow by helping our clients and the ecosystem grow and expand to deliver high quality development outcomes for all, especially the ones underserved and excluded

resist shortcuts

we take a long-term view of success

Our Values

are integral to & embedded in everything we do and on a daily basis helps us be who we are and who we are becoming everyday.

Social Impact

Client Comes First​

Integrity Humility  Curiosity

Break Barriers

Deliver Results

Move Fast

Respect for the individual