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Building Inclusive Digital Communities

helping nonprofits & mission focussed enterprises create positive lasting social impact by addressing their technology and digital transformation constraints

Solutions & Services to power digital transformation and harness the power of technology for creating positive lasting social impact, faster

Digital Transformation Support

going digital or harnessing frontier technologies to advance impact is more of a marathon than a sprint! 


whether you want to build custom applications or software for your projects or implement an organisation wide digital transformation strategy, solution specialists at RIINE can help you expedite your journey. 


want to pick our brains & capacities to identify a digital strategy or explore digital solutions and applications specifically for your organisation - use subscription hours

RIINE's CareBridge leverages technology to help nonprofits and mission focussed social enterprises deliver better health outcomes through theirhealthcare programmes, campaigns  &  fulfill essential & healthcare needs of underserved populations.


powering better health outcomes for underserved population

the Brijdd SISTM

the one platform for Social Impact Scaling Tools you will need to expand your work and realise your vision, faster. 

Raise funds, prospect funders, design programmes, reach communities, track, manage  & succeed in your mission.
**the Brijdd SISTM is currently open in Private Beta and access to the platform is by invitation only.

subscription hours

access our team's time to help you with anything you need on your organisation's digital transformation journey, brainstorm solutions for an initiative/programme, design or review a prototype, test a product, build or revise your web presence or even to give your team some additional support. 


6, 9, 15, 30  or more when you need to help you create positive lasting impact

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